Advanced Agronomy

Learn crop and pasture agronomy from our experienced agronomy team

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This course will suit people who need agronomy skills in their day to day life whether they be farming or working in the Ag industry. Perfect for people who have never studied agronomy, or perhaps it’s been a few years since your agronomy studies and feel like you need a refresher.

We've flipped the classroom

You will do most of the learning by watching videos on your computer or tablet at home with Q & A webinars along the way and a face to face meeting at the end. We have alternatives available for people from outside of Western Australia. There is also a private discussion platform running during the course. The program runs over eight weeks with 29 video modules of 10 to 25 minutes duration each.



What's ahead in 2021

Our next round of the Advanced Agronomy course kicks off in February 2021 (dates to be confirmed).

This course includes the 12 modules from the Intro to Agronomy course plus another 19 modules that go deeper into each topic. If you've already done the Intro to Agronomy course you can pay the difference and upgrade to Advanced Agronomy.

We plan to run this course twice each year in in February and again in late July.


Who is it for?

Farmers of all ages, genders and abilities, however it is best suited to the young to middle age farmer or agricultural industry worker who has not received formal agronomy training.

Family members encouraged

We encourage family members to do this program together where possible. This course is not just for the guys! Ladies, we would love for you to join us, either with your partner or on your own if you feel that you need to learn a little more about agronomy and your farming system.

Upcoming rounds

Feb and July 2021


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Workshop curriculum

The course has been developed by our Planfarm agronomists, using their wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that the most important aspects of agronomy are covered.

At the end of this program you will not be an agronomist, but you will have a much deeper understanding of the science behind what you are seeing in the field.

What We'll Cover

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